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A Closer Look at Amberleigh.

A hundred years ago, when Hull Street Road was nothing more than a dirt lane, the scenic 41-acre property along Hull Street Road was a working dairy farm with an operational gristmill on the bordering 140-acre Gregory's Mill Pond.

In the year 2002, it became The Village of Amberleigh.

The vision of developer R. E. Collier, The Village of Amberleigh is a mixed-use development of residential cluster homes and a "downtown" commercial section consisting of office buildings and individual retail stores intended to support the residential community. An attractive six-foot high brick privacy wall and extensive landscaping create a buffer between the residential and commercial areas. The charming community, overlooking historic Gregory's Mill Pond includes a village green, a town square, a clubhouse with pool, and a church.

Today, Amberleigh remains a scenic 41-acre property. But, now it's also the perfect place to live, shop, work, play, and Simplify your Life.

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